Network Monitoring with Nagios

by Scott Seglie
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute tools

Nagios is a n etwo rk - monitoring to ol that allows admi nistrato rs t he abil ity to examine computers, r out ers, printers, and services. Many organizations opt for pr icey commercial solutions such as HP - OpenView. Nagios is an excell ent so lution for tho se companies looking for a product that is inex pensiv e (free) and under constant developmen t due t o open so urce availabi lity. Curr ently there is not a st able release f or Nag ios, o nly an alpha version avail able for download. T he reaso n for the delayed release is not as much application issues as it is lack of docu mentatio n. An Admi n Kit with additional doc umentation, videos, et c will be avail able for purchase in January 2002 .