Network Security: Theory Versus Practice

by James Tarala
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute ips

Network security professionalsrightly worry about the threatsfacing the network and data center infrastructuresthat they must defend.Cyber attacks have never been easier to launch,and successful attacks are more costly than ever.Yet the answers to a recent SANS Institute survey of IT security professionals reflect a chasm between the perception of these risks and the measures being taken to harden network security—even within highly security-conscious sectors of government and private enterprise. Results of the SANS survey make it clear that network security personnel are not consistent about validating the resiliency—performance, security and stability—of the devices and systems that go into their network and data center infrastructures. In far too many cases,their organizations either lack processesto validate resiliency or attempt to ensure resiliency inadequately,withoutsubjecting devicesto the conditions of attack, heavy user load, and complex application traffic that the...