No Stone Unturned, Part Two

by H. Carvey
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec Detection & Response

A lone figure sat in front of a computer monitor, silhouetted in its cold, blue glow. The dark, cave-like room hummed with the life of high-powered computer systems and their electrical lifeblood. The figure sat, seeming unmoving for minutes on end. The stillness was occasionally broken with movement as the figure raised a steaming cup to his lips and sipped. Eliot had spent the early hours of the morning researching something Steve had told him about the other week…something about LastWrite times on Registry keys. He’d gotten better at searching the miasmic labyrinth that is the Microsoft Developer’s Network site, and could finally at least get responses back that were in the ballpark of what he was looking for. Searches of the Internet in general revealed little of use, other than the general fact that these values played a role similar to the last modification times on files. From his experience with Unix systems, Eliot immediately saw the usefulness of this information.