Optimizing NIDS Performance

by Neil Desai
Sept. 24, 2017 1 comment Symantec Detection & Response NIDS

Network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs) face some of the most gruelling challenges of any security product. Not only is the bandwidth these devices monitor increasing, so are the amount of attacks they must guard against. The combination of these two factors could overwhelm a NIDS, causing it to drop packets. To help the NIDS keep up with the demands of today’s networks, and the wide variety of threats that besiege them, there are a number of things that the NIDS administrator can do to improve the performance of their NIDS. This article will examine some of those options.


2flash 7 months, 1 week ago

Good piece on NIDS performance! I am sure a lot of people working in the security field will have a few things to learn from it!