Overview of Regulations and Compliance

Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Detection & Response

Introduction What are the major healthcare compliance standards and regulations? Who do they apply to? How much IT Security is covered? What is the trend for healthcare regulations? Conclusion References FREE Phishing Simulator! Find out which employees are vulnerable and train them on the spot! Click Here! Overview of Regulations and Compliance Healthcare HITECH Act HIPAA Overview and Resources Introduction The healthcare industry consists of a large pool of individuals and entities. There are of course doctors and nurses, but there are also administrative staff which could include everyone from the hospital CEO, the IT department to the medical secretaries. There are also the insurance companies and their staff, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and labs. Because the healthcare field consists of so many varying entities and individuals, the regulatory system is also complex. For those that work in this field, they are potentially d...