Pass-The-Hash: Protect Your Windows Computers! (Part 2)

by Derek Melber
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Management malware

In my first installment of this article, I pointed out the overall cause and effects of PTH, as well as going over some of the most important aspects of PTH with regard to protecting yourself. In this article, I plan on running with the concepts of how to protect yourself and put those into action. There are many ways to push out the settings that I mentioned in the first article, but I feel that the use of Group Policy is the best way to deploy settings so that all of your Windows computers are protected quickly, easily, and with very little configuration requirements. I will again reiterate… there is no 100% solution for protecting yourself against PTH. If a computer is on a network and the user does not behave correctly, PTH can take advantage of that computer. So, we need to look at the possible ways of protecting your computer from this potential attack.