Patch Management of Microsoft Products Using HFNetChkPro

by Kris Poznanski
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Pen Testing & Audits tools

On many occasions security breaches could have been prevented if software patches and updates were applied when they were first available. In fact, figures from the SANS Institute and FBI show that the majority of commonly exploited vulnerabilities are due to the failure to apply fixes that were avail able from vendors for several weeks or even a month. F or those who work with Microsoft products , it’s a known fact , that keeping them secured , presents a great deal of challenge to any secu rity or network administrator, especially when c ritical updates are being issued by Microsoft almost on a weekly basis. In response to such a challenge Microsoft together with Shavlik Technologies has developed a Network Security Hotfix Checker the HFN et C hk tool (Hfnetchk.exe), which is a command - line tool that administra tors can use to centrally assess a computer or group of computers for the absence of security patches. Unfortunately , the Microsoft versi...