Personal Interface: The Relationship Between Users and Security Personnel in the Modern Environment

by Ben Malisow
Sept. 17, 2017 0 comments Symantec

There are almost no companies in the country that can continue to dispute the need for information security; the recent spate of DDOS attacks proved that size, sophistication, and skill can only attenuate risks- not eliminate them. As information security professionals and departments begin to take their places among senior management and trusted executive ranks of companies, a new dynamic has evolved, an "Us Vs. Them" motif unlikely to change any time soon. This is further exacerbated by growth and maturity of the user base. All employees are reaching levels of sophistication once held only by the sole "company computer expert," and the trend will continue as the next generation of employees (raised already in a networking environment) enter the workplace. It is both inappropriate and ill-advised to treat this new crop of skilled workers in the same manner as their predecessors- they won't stand for it, and your security program will be hurt as a result.