Profiling an Operating System (Part 1)

by Don Parker
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix windows client security

You may be familiar with the terms architectural and host profiling. What do those terms mean? Well this is what this article series will answer for you and allow you to do as well. This information would be beneficial to system administrators which, all too often, must also take on the job of maintaining network security. Those who are also looking for ways to further their knowledge of computer security would do well to give this series a read. What we shall do over the course of this series is learn how to differentiate between operating systems, and also how to identify running services on a computer. In other words, how to profile both a computer’s architecture, and host ie: the computer itself, by what it is running in terms of services. You may have heard of programs such as P0f which will identify operating systems for you, most notably passively. Well programs such as P0f are indeed quite nice. There is one problem though. Once again you are abstracted away from the inform...