Robot Wars – How Botnets Work

by hakin9
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix malware

The word bot is an abbreviation of the word robot. Robots (automatized programs, not robots like Marvin the Paranoid Android) are frequently used in the Internet world. Spiders used by search engines to map websites and software responding to requests on IRC (such as eggdrop) are robots. Programs which respond autonomously to particular external events are robots, too. This article will describe a special kind of a robot, or bot (as we will call them from now on) – an IRC bot. It uses IRC networks as a communication channel in order to receive commands from a remote user. In this particular case the user is an attacker and the bot is a trojan horse. A good programmer can easily create his own bot, or customize an existing one. This will help hide the bot from basic security systems, and let it easily spread.