SANS Log Management Survey: Mid-Sized Businesses Respond

by Jerry Shenk
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute logging technology and techniques

Every year since 2005, the SANS Institute has conducted a survey to find out how organizations collect and use their logs; what they aren’t currently using their log for but would like to; and what they see as the biggest problems with log management. This year, we are also taking a special look at how log management issues affect small and midsized businesses with fewer than 2000 employees. In our 2010 Log Management Survey, 223 respondents fit this category. These businesses represented a wide range of industries with financial organizations having the largest representation (21 percent), followed by government organizations (18 percent), education (10 percent), and telecommunications (8 percent). The remaining industries, in order, were spread across manufacturing, healthcare/pharmaceutical, energy/utilities, engineering/construction and retail. The majority of survey respondents were on staff with their respective organizations, as opposed to being a consultant, with a nearly ...