Securing a NetWare 6.5 Installation and Server Environment

by Robert Clarke
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Apps & Hardening novell/netware issues

Even though NetWare still supports the more secure IPX/SPX protocol, over the past 6 years Novell has increasingly focused more on NetWare running on the less secure TCP/IP protocol. NetWare 6.5 is the latest OS release from Novell Inc. [1] Novell is actively participating in the Open Source movement and has integrated open source applications such as Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PERL, PHP and OpenSSH into NetWare 6.5. [2] This paper will focus on how to secure the installation of NetWare 6.5 and a number of applications and services that run on it, including Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL and OpenSSH. In addition, steps for making a more secure server environment will be reviewed. All of this will create a more secure server environment that enables you to “know thy