Securing an Unpatchable Webserver... HogWash!

by Jason Larsen
Sept. 23, 2017 0 comments Symantec

During a routine examination of a client's network we discovered a vulnerability on a Microsoft IIS 3 web server. After brief investigation, we discovered that this web server runs a mission-critical web application: it is the client's primary means of doing business and must be protected at all cost. The real problem is that this application is tightly bound to certain features of Microsoft's IIS 3 web server. We searched for a patch, but there were none. Microsoft's solution was to upgrade the server to a more recent version. We attempted to upgrade the server to IIS 4, but the result was disaster. A total rewrite of the web application using better technology is underway, but will not be complete for a long time. In the meantime the server needs to remain available and unhacked. What is the security professional to do?