Securing Mobile Devices: Be Smarter Than Your Smartphone

by Duwane A. Brown
Oct. 2, 2017 1 comment Infosecwriters Management

Technology is forever changing. It has greatly changed how people communicate on a daily basis. Technology has also changed how we operate whether its home, business or school. Phone calls have gone from home phones to cell phones to Voice over IP. We no longer rely on using the United States Post Office Service as for mailing pictures, sending and receiving letters. Smart phones have greatly impacted the world with the ability to text message, take pictures and email are at our convenience. However some conveniences come with a price. It’s not the value of the smart phone, which could have been expense, is what we hold in high regard. It’s the information stored on the smart phone is what we truly treasure the most. Phone numbers, messages, email, addresses and pictures. All are and have been stored by us on smart phones and could be easily tampered by someone else. Whether it’s considered personal or confidential, the information stored should be protected.

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