Securing the Windows 10 GIAC Enterprise Endpoint ISE/M 6100 - Security Project Practicum - Technical Paper

by Balaji Balakrishnan, Matthew Hosburgh, and Patrick Neise
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Pen Testing & Audits microsoft windows

2015 has proven to be a battleground for the endpoint. According to a report released by the Ponemon Institute, the endpoint is becoming an increasing target for attacks. Because GIAC utilizes some of the latest enterprise technology, it is no surprise that GIAC is also facing the risks outlined by the Ponemon Institute. Keeping with the organization’s upgrade cycle, Windows 10 is being considered as the next upgrade from the current Windows 7 environment. A recent pilot of Windows 10 has raised a significant number of privacy concerns for the entire organization. After conducting an assessment of the network traffic originating from Windows 10, it is evident that the default configuration will not provide an adequate level of security and privacy for GIAC Enterprises. By conducting a basic risk assessment, the Security Team has been able to analyze the risks the organization faces from an endpoint perspective, to effectively recommend a plan to