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Security+ is a prestigious security certification which is very much vendor-specific & neutral. The certification holder is known as the well-equipped technically skilled professionals having a good knowledge in diversified branches of the security. Security + is approved by the department of defense of the USA, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. It was first announced in 2011. IT security experts before 2011 can obtain certification as a stable document, with no requirements for renewals.

The entry level for enthusiasts should have at two years should have a good experience in various areas of networking, ethical hacking. The candidates also need to acquire the certification of network+. The professional who has the certification will have the chance to work in areas like management of threat, the social engineering solution, ethical hacking, cryptography, management of identity, and risk identification in the security, mitigation, control of network accessibility, & managing the infrastructure of security.

The various advantages will step on the certified candidate of security+. Therefore, it depends on any IT professionals who have a sound knowledge of the trending issues of the security in the world can join security + courses to be certified. There is various certification depending upon the IT courses one has pursued or trained for at work & institutions. But he/she has chosen the relevant certification for the further career is what matters.

Figure 1 Risk Management

Security plus designed as the best professional course is high in the fast-growing information technology field. This is the security course which is always updated with the interval of time due to fast-growing security issues to be maintained at various technological devices. The various jobs offered after completion of security+ courses are security consultants, engineer of security, technician of IA administration of network, Manager of IA, etc.

Profile of the Exam

  • Name of certification: CompTIA security+
  • No. of test stages: 1
  • Name of the Test: SYO-401
  • Duration of test: 90 Minutes
  • No. of questions to attend: 90
  • Passing points: 750 from 900 points
  • URL:
  • Cost of exam: $320 ( condition apply)
  • Requirements: Two years of work in administration of IT or network security of credentials
  • Institution offering security courses: KAPLAN University, ecpi University, Colorado technical university, etc.
  • Salary after certification:
  • $70-90K for IT professionals in network, project management, security authentication, and server design.
  • $90K and above for Advanced security technicians, Cloud experts and Data storage professionals.
Figure 2: Various field of security Plus

Roadmap to Certification

The enthusiast needs to go through all these steps:

Phase 1: Selection of certification.

The candidate has to go through the type of certification courses it can be categorized into foundation, professionals, specialist & mastery certification for students, workers, entry levels, & IT professionals respectively.

Phase 2: Learn & start training

The learning options are many you can learn by searching the notes on your own or initiate the training under the instructor or someone who is certified.

Phase 3: Be in track of exam routine

The individual should understand why he /she is doing such courses. Get some reference materials. Understand the syllabus & work on it. Try to understand the concept practice & be well updated. Try to check the website to stay updated regarding the schedule of the examination.

Phase 4: Registration & attending the exam

Register with correct credentials & work super hard. Finally, the day comes & attend the exam. Good luck.

Phase 5: Extracting Scores

If your scores qualify the entry level, get started for your future endeavors. In case you are not able to be eligible, don’t be dishearten try again and succeed.

After qualification of the course, you still can get relevant updates and be learning lifelong with continuing education units & series of conference, publication, seminars, etc.

Figure 3: Network security

Advantages of Security+ Certification

The first benefit is Certification holding candidates will be able to join the constant education program, conducted by the accredited organization for achieving the advantage of improving & matching the level new competence through the above-given programs.

The second benefit is active participation in the publication of journals, articles, the papers which are relevant to any given firm, conferences, events conducted by professionals, etc. will help in the renewal of current updates in the field of security.
It validates your understanding, knowledge & enhances the career for the certified candidates. The demand for data security, threat management, designing secured server, etc. Will add value to the candidate resume to be well vended at the marketplace. Higher chances of getting employed & getting promoted it upgrades the profile when you are an IT enthusiast. This can be the well implemented as the specialist of the information technologies in the company.

Expanding Skill and Knowledge

The IT industry is a fast moving, knowledge-driven industry. You need to stay at the forefront of the industry by continuously improving upon your knowledge base and capabilities. One of the best ways to do this is through certifications. As we know, IT industry is an innovative & fast growing field with new software, hardware, etc. ever since day. On giving the test at any well-recognized test platform, one can understand where they stand in the knowledge of today security concepts. One might also think that they require additional knowledge on improving their skills. The tractable testing software can do this. This will help to clear such certification test in coming days.

The Security+ certification is another stepping gravels for securing the future, but it’s absolutely an increasing and suitable authorization for info security authorities and IT administrators. Many accreditations are needed to be updated on a systematic foundation, with simultaneous test and acceptance of qualifications, recent and forthcoming managers who are the ultimate person for such competitive job.

Measurement of Skills for the Secuity+

On giving the security plus the candidates are examined in the following areas & their ability solve any security issues.

  • Comprehend relevant strategies, regulations and protocols on security
  • Describe the effect and appropriate use of controllable measures.
  • Comprehend cryptography and implementation of important tools
  • Relate and appliance of network management codes & processes.
  • Appliance and constitute a wireless network in a secure method.
  • Classify security threats and accomplish risk alleviation actions.
  • Describe the models of operator authentication & access measures.
  • Demonstrate the concept of Confidentiality, Reliability & Accessibility of the data
  • Recognize and investigate prevailing attacks.
  • Describing security roles of any network system.

There is N number of benefits when it comes to being a professional being in IT, not only for the certified candidate. The other can also learn for this specialist by organizing workshops & training to the employee employed at MNCs. There are various similar certified courses like security are also available which will add up new opportunities access. The individual can take a lot of monetary & non-monetary benefits from the company. There are a lot of people who unitedly think there is the importance of the certification of courses; the field is dynamic as well as of heavy budget. Thus, they lack the knowledge being cost centric. This will be a knowledge asset which can be easily used to gain value & financial a benefits. It is worth for any IT graduates to learn it. The relevant materials are online to practice & attend the test.

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