Security Skills Assessment and Training: The Critical Security Control that can make or break all others

by Paul Hershberger
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Pen Testing & Audits management & leadership

Data breaches and identify theft have arguably occurred since information has been stored and utilized in modern times. As the nature of information has shifted from hard copy forms and print materials into digital format stored, accessed and transmitted across the globe in the blink of an eye, the ease in which that information is used and misused has changed dramatically. The evolution of technology has given rise to the information assets, electronic bits and bytes that create value. Information as an asset has fueled the growth of cybercrime organizations and driven innovation in the way those cybercrime As the criminal organizations have been developing their skills and honing their craft, the information security industry has been thriving as well. The information security industry responded with a never-ending supply of processes, technology and frameworks, that for a price will solve all of the victimized companies’ cybercrime problems, of course until the cyber crimin...