Security Threats by Industry

Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Management

Security is a business issue and should be top priority for ALL organizations, especially given the developments in technology and the fast-paced information dissemination. In fact, regardless of your organization’s size and industry, the threat of a security breach is just not a risk to be ignored. This is because security risks, when poorly managed, can result in consequences that range from slight, as in small penalties levied against the organization, to grave, as in loss of personal information, ruin of jobs and danger to the community for government agencies. It must be noted that various systems that offer security are available for the use of organizations, as well as seminars for employees and broad-spectrum staff that teach them about the importance of protecting organizational information, the risks of information maladministration, and the know-how on what to do to handle said information securely.