SharePoint Communication Protocol Hardening

by Robert Underwood
Oct. 2, 2017 1 comment Infosecwriters Apps & Hardening

SharePoint Communication Protocol Hardening will discuss the details related to sever to server communication within the SharePoint communication schema. This paper will describe the typesof protocols that SharePoint is capable to using with an emphasis on NTLM communication. Within the discussion of NTLM communication an in depth review of the NTLM protocols the NTLM benefits will be reviewed and the current risk regarding NTLM vulnerabilities. In the analysis of the NTLM vulnerabilities this paper will discuss current mitigation techniques used to harden the NTLM communication protocols.

Irina Alexandra Negrii 7 months, 1 week ago

If your environment disallows services that run as a local system, you can consider disabling the SharePoint Administration service only if you are aware of the consequences and can work around them