Shells for Sale! (Part 1)

by Don Parker
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Pen Testing & Audits malware

For those of you who had the time to read my article series on the Optix Pro trojan you will remember our wannabe hacker friend John. He was the rather lazy fellow who did not want to study for a math test, and instead installed a trojan on his professors computer. Well his harebrained scheme backfired, and resulted in his getting dismissed from college. We now pick up several months later where John has been making good use of his idle time. He has since decided that school is not really for him, and that he will further his hacking abilities instead. To that end John has been spending a great deal of time in various IRC chat rooms, and some rather questionable websites. During this enforced leisure time courtesy of his college expulsion John has made some decent progress actually.