Software Defined Networking: What it is and what you should know!

by Jeff Dixon
Oct. 2, 2017 1 comment Infosecwriters Management

It’s well known that technology changes and creates new and increasing demands at an incredible pace. There have been few dramatic changes in how networks are designed over the years, however, that is quickly changing with the advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN). This paper will serve to provide a comprehensive guide to explore and explain the advancements of Software Defined Networking. The purpose is aimed to further inform and educate readers about SDN, what it is, and what you need to know moving forward, learning today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Irina Alexandra Negrii 8 months, 1 week ago

This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions
enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.