Software Defined Networks: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

by A. Michele Parrish
Oct. 2, 2017 1 comment Infosecwriters Management

As more devices are connected to the Internet there is an increased demand for more resources that must be provisioned rapidly. In traditional networking, a network was designed for a long period of time; the engineers thought about the clients, the servers and internetworking devices (switches and routers) and how they would all work together. The components were bought and downtime was scheduled to install new systems or upgrade current ones. Today’s Internet of Thing (IoT) environment, in which everything from your cell phone to the refrigerator to the car is connected to the Internet, does not allow for significant time for planning and implementation of those new resources. Resources must be able to be allocated and managed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The traditional environment of each switch or router having to be managed independently does not allow network administrators the ability to react swiftly to the new demands nor does it allow the switches or routers to...

Irina Alexandra Negrii 7 months ago

your paper helped me to understand why Software Defined Networks are so important ..god job