Sun Ray Thin-Client and Smart Cards: An Old Concept With New Muscle

by Surachet Tanwongsval
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute terminal services

The purpose of this paper is to discuss security in thin-client technology with a focus on Sun Ray™ thin-client systems from Sun Microsystems. Sun Ray™ thin-client differentiates itself from other systems by incorporating the use of a smart card as an additional authentication token to a conventional login and password. In the following sections, a brief introduction to the history and inherent security benefits of thin-clients and smart cards is presented. Next, the paper describes Sun Ray™ thinclient’s hardware and software architectures and lists businesses that will benefit from implementing the Sun Ray™ system. Finally, the author identifies and presents Sun Ray™ system’s security, interoperability, scalability, and performance concerns along with the respective solutions.