Switches Get Stitches

by Colin Cassidy, Robert Lee, Eireann Leverett
Sept. 19, 2017 0 comments Black Hat belen_caty

This talk will introduce you to Industrial Ethernet Switches and their vulnerabilities. These are switches used in industrial environments, like substations, factories, refineries, ports, or other homes of industrial automation. In other words: DCS, PCS, ICS & SCADA switches. The researchers focus on attacking the management plane of these switches, because we all know that industrial system protocols lack authentication or cryptographic integrity. Thus, compromising any switch allows the creation of malicious firmwares for further MITM manipulation of a live process. Such MITM manipulation can lead to the plant or process shutting down (think: nuclear reactor SCRAM) or getting into a unknown and hazardous state (think: damaging a blast furnace at a steel mill). Not only will vulnerabilities be disclosed for the first time (exclusively at Black Hat), but the methods of finding those vulnerabilities will be shared.