Systems Security Management: Small Business Style

by Nathaniel Dean
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute system administration

So you’ve got a handful of Microsoft® Windows servers and another few handfuls of Microsoft® Windows workstations. Security management and administration should not be all that difficult … right?” Unfortunately, that was only one of many hats I had to wear on a weekly, often daily basis. Most small businesses simply do not have the resources for even one full-time employee dedicated to Information Systems; however, I had landed that position. Four servers and thirty workstations can be a bit much without a good plan and the right tools to aid in the execution. The most basic assumptions that can be made are that humans are human and systems, being ultimately designed and built by humans, will indeed contain flaws. And then, of course, there’s entropy… Thus began my journey to circumvent humans and their systems in the most centralized and simplified methods possible … all the while, of course, defying my own humanity!