The Art of Defense - How Vulnerabilities Help Shape Security Features and Mitigations in Android

by Nick Kralevich
Sept. 16, 2017 1 comment belen_caty

Information security is ever evolving, and Android's security posture is no different. Android users faces threats from a variety of sources, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Lost and stolen devices, malware attacks, rooting vulnerabilities, malicious websites, and nation state attackers are all within the Android threat model, and something the Android Security Team deals with daily. In this talk, we will cover the threats facing Android users, using both specific examples from previous Black Hat conferences and published research, as well as previously unpublished threats. For the threats, we will go into the specific technical controls which contain the vulnerability, as well as newly added Android N security features which defend against future unknown vulnerabilities. Finally, we'll discuss where we could go from here to make Android, and the entire computer industry, safer.

Steven Ulm 8 months ago

Incredibly well written presentation! What would Cyber Security be without these vulnerabilities hehe :)