The Biometric Technologies of the Future

by Ravi Das
Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Encryption & Authentication

Our last article reviewed what Multimodal Biometric Solutions are all about, and what the implications are for deploying such a type of security system. Essentially, this type of configuration involves implementing two or more Biometric modalities in such a fashion that it provides multiple layers of security for the corporation. Remember, one of the oldest rules of network security is never to rely on just one means of defense. More than one layer is needed. In this regard, two types of Multimodal Biometric Solutions were also reviewed: 1) Asynchronous, and 2) Synchronous. With the former, two or more Biometric modalities are used in a sequential fashion; and with the latter, two Biometric modalities are used together, at the same time, to confirm the identity of an individual.