The Fundamentals Of Computer HACKING

by Ida Boyd
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Pen Testing & Audits hackers

After identifying all the associated domains you can begin to query the DNS. DNS is a distributed database use to translate domain computer names to IP addresses and vice versa. If DNS is configured insecurely, it is possible to obtain revealing information about an organization. If a system administrator configures the DNS server incorrectly by allowing an untrusted Internet user to perform a DNS zone transfer. A zone transfer allows a second master server to update its zone database from the primary master server. Many DNS servers, however, are misconfigured and provides a copy of the zone to anyone who asks. This isn’t necessarily bad if the only information provided is related to the systems that are connected to the Internet and have valid hostnames, although it makes it that much easier for attackers to find potential targets.