The Layman’s Unconventional Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (Part 2)

by Justin Troutman
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Encryption & Authentication access control

Oh, hello! It’s that time again – part deux of our crypto-saga. Okay, so maybe we’re a bullwhip and fedora short of a saga, but you get the idea. Previously, you became acquainted with mathematical terminology that, despite its almost Nash-esque voodoo connotations, was presented in a Joe McEasyBakeOven manner. Now that we’ve eased into the generalities, such as the round transformation and key schedule, let’s put them under the wordoscope and see what else we can dissect. When I wrap this article up, I’ll conclude by providing references for those of you who might be contesting, saying, “I’m a mathematics major – give me more theory!”