The new Google Maps: a perfect place for review fraud

by Daniel Dimov
Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute

In 2006, Jeff Howe coined the concept of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an act of outsourcing a job, previously done by workers, to a large group of people in the form of an open call. Nowadays, crowdsourcing is used by many commercial and public organizations. A widely known example of an organization using crowdsourcing is Wikipedia Foundation Inc. It is a non-profit charitable organization maintaining an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. Wikipedia allows any internet user to edit its articles. The users of Wikipedia are not paid for their contributions. Nevertheless, by July 2012, the English version of Wikipedia contained 3,988,490 articles. Several studies indicate that the quality of the articles in Wikipedia is similar to the quality of paid encyclopedias.