The Simplistic Trio: Three of the Many Musketeers Fighting in the Name of Simplicity

by Justin Troutman
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Encryption & Authentication access control

Simplicity can take on many forms, within the context of cryptography, but we’ll look at three “acts of simplicity” that are concerned with the effectiveness of cryptography, in practice. In conclusion – and I know I harp on this quite often – I’ll throw in my spiel on using a MAC; it will be short, sweet, and with enough substance to get the point across. My rationale is simply (pun intended) this: After thinking through these three acts of simplicity, I started to see the correlation between all of them, and how it all pointed towards what I sometimes call cryptographic conservatism, which is, simply (there I go again), the philosophy of being resourceful and positively paranoid. Someone of this frame-of-mind would design with security in mind, first and foremost, by eliminating unnecessary complexities and using a primitive for what it can be securely used for (i.e., using a block cipher in both your encryption and authentication schemes), without introducing more primitives, whe...