The Tao of Hardware The Te of Implants

by Joe FitzPatrick Sept. 16, 2017 via submitted by belen_caty

I'll show off a handful of simple hardware implants that can 1) Blindly escalate privilege using JTAG 2) Patch kernels via direct memory access on an embedded device without JTAG 3) Enable wireless control of the inputs and outputs of an off-the-shelf PLC 4) Hot-plug a malicious expansion module onto another PLC without even taking the system offline and 5) Subvert a system via a malicious display adapter. Some of these are new applications of previously published implants - others are brand new. I'll conclude with some potential design decisions that could reduce vulnerability to implants, as well as ways of protecting existing hardware systems from tampering.

Steven Ulm 1 month ago

Love the title! Clear and very well written. It was a pleasure reading it!