The True Computer Parasite

by Dr. Steven Furnell, Dr. Jeremy Ward
Sept. 25, 2017 1 comment Symantec

It is now twenty years since Fred Cohen published his seminal research paper suggesting the potential threat of computer viruses. In the years since this publication, the risk that Cohen described has unquestionably been borne out, and alongside hackers, the threat of the computer virus is the security issue that has most clearly permeated the public mind. This reputation is certainly not without foundation -- viruses consistently take the top spot in surveys of reported security breaches. Two recent examples of this are the 2004 Computer Crime and Security Survey (from the US Computer Security Institute) and the 2004 Information Security Breaches Survey (from the UK Department of Trade & Industry).

2flash 8 months ago

I really like the way the authors brought up the topic and presented it. It's just one of those articles... :)