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Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments ADMIN Magazine Encryption & Authentication firewall pki

User authentication is all about finding out whether users really are who they claim to be. Given that unsuspecting users can fall into the trap of confusing a smartphone with an Internet hotspot, giving the hacker an easy vector for stealing their passwords, relying on usernames and passwords to access confidential information alone, is basically irresponsible. The remedy could lie in the use of additional authentication factors. Authentication Methods Various authentication methods can be categorized into the groups “knowledge,” “possession,” and “biometrics” (Table 1). These groups, also called factors, constitute the basis of any authentication method. Despite serious drawbacks, passwords remain the most widely used authentication method. After all, practically any software product offers this method free of charge as a standard procedure. However, admins should bear in mind a rule of thumb for information protection and access rights: The greater the value of the protected info...