Tightening up Windows 10 security settings

by Amy Babinchak
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment TechGenix windows client security

SMB1 is an old technology, and recently the WannaCry ransomware took advantage of it on Windows 7 and older computers. But it’s still around in Windows 10, too. It is used to pass information between devices or applications. It arrived on the scene as part of the earliest desktop networking designs and was finally integrated by Microsoft around 1990. Wikipedia has an SMB history page Server Message Block if you’re interested. In summary, this is some very old technology. SMB1 has been replaced over the years with newer versions, and we’re currently at SMB4. However, some older applications (FoxPro, for example) or devices (old copiers, for example) are still in use in many businesses so SMB1 is still a requirement for them. Microsoft gets a lot of pressure to make their products backwards compatible, but if your business doesn’t have these limitations, then let’s tidy up and just close down SMB1 in Windows 10.


Steven Ulm 8 months ago

Good luck with that! :) Joking lol. A bit of advertising there, but good tips indeed.