Understanding and Configuring Network Policy and Access Services in Server 2012 (Part 3)

by Deb Shinder
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Apps & Hardening windows server security

In Part 1 of this series, we took a look at how the Network Policy and Access Services in Windows 2012, and particularly Network Access Protection (NAP) can help to protect your network when VPN clients connect to it by validating health requirements that you institute as part of a health enforcement plan. In Part 2, we shared some tips on actually deploying NAP on Windows Server 2012. In Part 3, we’re going to discuss the process of setting up RADIUS servers.In Windows Server 2012, the Network Policy Service (NPS) can do more than just Network Access Protection (NAP). It can also function as a RADIUS server or a RADIUS proxy, as we mentioned in Part 1 of this series. RADIUS has been around since the early 1990s and is an IETF standard. It was defined in by RFCs 2058 and 2059, which have since been made obsolete by new standards. A good starting point when you’re planning to deploy RADIUS in your organization is RFC 6158, Radius Design Guidelines, published in March 2011.