URL Tricks with htaccess

Oct. 8, 2017 1 comment ADMIN Magazine Pen Testing & Audits firewall

Hark back to those halcyon days when the GIF89a and the blink tag ruled the web page and the most common use of htaccess on the nascent Apache HTTP Server was password protecting a directory. As you can imagine, now that Apache’s feature set has grown significantly richer, you have a host of useful ways to use htaccess. More recently, htaccess has gained popularity as a conduit to mod_rewrite , where it has been used to create aesthetically pleasing (and as a result, search engine-friendly) URLs so that, for example, a URL such as domainname.com/directory-name/filename.html might become simply domainname.com/filename . Such URLs usually are not only a little shorter to link to but easier to remember and, most importantly, highly relevant to search engine indexing because, currently, significant weighting is put on the keyword content of URLs. Another use that appealed to my sense of simplicity is the use of htaccess for redirecting short URLs to long ones. That might seem slightly c...


ariadnalunguco 5 months ago

This is a complete explanation and the figures are so illustrative. Really easy to follow and understand.