U.S. Information Security Law, Part 1

by Steven Robinson
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec seccurity securitylaw

Information security professionals work within an enterprise to protect it from all non-physical threats to the integrity and availability of its data and systems. Performing this function draws security professionals into simultaneous, ongoing relationships between the enterprise on the one hand and, successively on the other, the enterprise's employees and other agents, its customers, suppliers, competitors, government officials and regulators, to say nothing of unidentified and sometimes unidentifiable actors. In short, the working environment for security professionals is a maelstrom. In determining which aspect of this multi-faceted environment needs your immediate attention, the law can help. Whether in the courts or in legislatures or agencies, the law addresses individual claims or interests more or less one at a time. As such, the way the law treats a particular topic provides one point of focus that may help you allocate effort and resources to best effect.