What’s New in Windows 2003 Server: IIS Security Enhancements

by Deb Shinder
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Apps & Hardening windows server security

Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), while one of the most popularly deployed web servers, has long been considered to be a weak point on any server on which it is installed, when it comes to security. Web servers, by their very nature, are generally open to the Internet (unless they are used only for intranet access) and this makes them a natural target for hackers and attackers. IIS exploits abound, and Microsoft has had to hustle to keep up with security patches for the web service software. It’s no surprise, then, that tightening security was one of the company’s primary design goals with the new version of IIS (v6) that comes with Windows Server 2003. Have they accomplished that? In this article, we’ll cover some of the changes to IIS that are intended to make it less vulnerable to attackers, and let you decide.