When Governments Attack: State Sponsored Malware Attacks Against Activists Lawyers and Journalist

by Cooper Quintin, Eva Galperin
Sept. 17, 2017 1 comment www.blackhat.com belen_caty Management

Targeted malware campaigns against Activists, Lawyers and journalists are becoming extremely commonplace. These attacks range in sophistication from simple spear-phishing campaigns using off the shelf malware, to APT-level attacks employing exploits, large budgets, and increasingly sophisticated techniques. Activists, lawyers and journalists are, for the most part, completely unprepared to deal with cyber-attacks; most of them don't even have a single security professional on staff. In this session Eva Galperin and Cooper Quintin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation will discuss the technical and operational details of malware campaigns against activists, journalists, and lawyers around the world, including EFF. They will also present brand new research about a threat actor targeting lawyers and activists in Europe and the Post-Soviet States.


Steven Ulm 8 months ago

Even if well-researched and with a lot of interesting information, I could not have noticed the "conspiracy" flow of your article. This brings a lot of "spice" to it, making it really enjoyable to read. Great job!