Windows Server 2003 Hardening List (Part 1)

by Robert J. Shimonski
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Apps & Hardening windows server security

In this article we look at your first steps after a basic install such as locking down key accounts, implementing NTFS and making sure your data on the system is secure. This is Part I of a multipart article. It’s my intention to make this “Hardening List” a guide that never stops growing on this site. Here is the first part of many, lets lock these systems down! Once you have installed Windows Server 2003, you need to begin the lockdown process. Any default installation of any operating system or platform needs to be analyzed and addressed for security now more than ever. With such an emphasis placed on security these days, each install you do needs to be addressed and it’s no different with Windows Server 2003. After you complete a basic install, you should start a checklist of items that you want to lock down, remove and audit or at least ‘know’ about to keep yourself and your systems safe from threat.