Wireless Attacks Primer

by Robert J. Shimonski
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Apps & Hardening mobile & wireless security

A passive attack occurs when someone listens to or eavesdrops on network traffic. Armed with a wireless network adaptor that supports promiscuous mode, the eavesdropper can capture network traffic for analysis using easily available tools, such as Network Monitor in Microsoft products, or TCPdump in Linux-based products, or AirSnort. A passive attack on a wireless network may not be malicious in nature. In fact, many in the wardriving community claim their wardriving activities are benign or “educational” in nature. It is worth noting that wardriving, looking for and detecting wireless traffic, is probably not illegal, even though propagandistic claims to the contrary are often made. Wireless communication takes place on unlicensed public frequencies-any one can use these frequencies. This makes protecting a wireless network from passive attacks more difficult.