X Windows Security: How to Protect your Display

by Arturo Guillen
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute unix issues

The X Windows is as descri bed in the X man pages a "po rtable, network - transparent window system". X Windows is such a po werful and flex ible interface t hat t he user does not have to be in front o f the mach ine to interact with it. Instead , the user can be remotely located wo rking in a tr ansparent way. X Windows uses a cli ent/server model, where t he client - server co mm unications are do ne foll owing the X protocol . X Windows as the t ime of thi s writing is i n its version eleven, release 6 (X11R6). The X conso rtium i s in charge of maintaini ng the X Windows System and pro vides i t free o f charge and open source. X Windows i s the standard pro tocol among UNIX - like systems, but it is so popular t hat there ar e also im plem entat ions for personal computers and Macintosh that a llow X emulation. There is even dedicate hardware eq uipment that only knows how to talk the X prot oco l language, the so call ed X - terminal s.