XP Professional Security Features: An Introduction

by Tim Mullen
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec xp

I’m not sure if it was the uplifting backbeat of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” or the promise of the best security options yet in a Microsoft operating system that made the difference, but the overall development and marketing efforts of XP have paid off. With over 32 millions copies sold since it was released last October, Microsoft’s newest line of operating system products has caught the attention of both home and business users. While XP Home has many new security features available for the home network, this article will focus on XP Professional (hereafter simply referred to as XP) and its use in the corporate LAN. This is not intended to be exhaustive dissertation of all the new features in XP; rather, the purpose is to highlight some of the new security features found in the product, and to provide those still considering an upgrade to XP with some insight into how doing so can help them administer their network. So let’s jump right in.